Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What Lady Gaga Says about Result of Lots of Orgasms

When Lady Gaga signed the licence for a new perfume in September, she reportedly requested that the fragrance be based on the molecular structure of blood and semen. Her skincare secrets are just as unconventional. Asked how she held onto her flawless complexion - despite her demanding lifestyle - the 25-year-old didn't list a range of face creams. Her smooth skin is apparently a result of lots of orgasms.

The Born This Way singer was sipping a vegetable drink when she was being interviewed by Elle for their January issue. But when asked if that was the secret to looking so fresh-faced, Gaga replied that actually she relied on 'orgasms, lots of orgasms'. She did eventually concede that the vegetable drinks may also play a small part in her skincare regime, though, giving credit to both 'orgasms and spinach.' Gaga is dating Vampire Diaries actor Taylor Kinney, but admits that her relationships are far from perfect.

She told Vanity Fair: 'I have never felt truly cherished by a lover. I have an inability to know what happiness feels like with a man.'


The Monkey from Bali Made Her A Global Star

A student has been left feeling a little red-faced after an embarrassing incident with a monkey made her a global star. Charmian Chen, who just happens to be a model, was visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud in Bali last month when two of the primates decided she was a little overdressed.

The 22-year-old student, from Taiwan, was on holiday on the tropical Indonesian island feeding long-tailed macaques when she was singled out. The two macaques apparently spotted a piece of corn that had fallen down Ms Chen's top and decided they wanted it back. Despite her valiant effors to fend it off, one monkey managed to pull down her top leaving the red-faced model to cover herself as best she could, with her hands.

But what should have been an amusing holiday wardrobe malfunction has ended up catapulting Ms Chen to internet superstardom. Pictures of the incident have made headline news in her native Taiwan, with TV stations asking her to appear and talk about it.

The images have also spread around the globe, appearing on blog sites and forums in the U.S. and Britain. She said: 'I was on holiday and at first the pictures were just funny, but when I got back to Taiwan I had all these people trying to add me as friends on Facebook.


Boeing makes peace with labor

Boeing Co. and leaders of its main union reached a tentative settlement that could end one of the biggest U.S. labor disputes in recent times but leave unresolved key questions about the government's right to determine where companies locate their plants.

Boeing's labor troubles took on political overtones in April when the National Labor Relations Board accused the jet maker of trying to illegally shift union work to a nonunion facility. That triggered outrage at the Obama Administration from the business community. Some accused it of interfering in basic business decisions at a fragile time for the economy.

The deal announced Wednesday between Chicago-based Boeing and the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers, if ratified by union members, would help pave the way for a planned jump in production by the aerospace giant.

It would alleviate the threat of strikes that could derail ambitious sales plans for a retooled version of Boeing's best-selling 737 aircraft, its new 787 Dreamliner and other jets.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Atlanta man wins $1 million lottery for second time in three years

A man in Atlanta has hauled in a million-dollar lottery payday for the second time in just three years.

Delma Kinney, 50, recently won a $1 million dollar prize playing the instant game Super Millions. In 2008, Kinney also won $1 million playing another instant game.

Kinney is a single father of three, who set aside part of his original lottery winnings to establish a college education fund for his children. Kinney says he plans to donate part of his new winnings to charity.

Just a week shy of his 51st birthday, Kinney says he purchased the winning lottery ticket at a local Chevron Food Mart when he headed out to grab some over-the-counter medications to help him cope with a head cold.


Obama condemns storming of British embassy in Iran

Declaring himself "deeply disturbed" by the storming of the British Embassy in Tehran, President Barack Obama strongly urged the Iranian government to hold those responsible to account.

"For rioters to essentially be able to overrun the embassy and set it on fire is an indication that the Iranian government is not taking its international obligations seriously," the president said.

Obama made his remarks at the beginning of an Oval Office meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

"That kind of behavior is unacceptable," Obama said, adding that the Iranian government has a responsibility to protect diplomatic outposts.

Hard-line Iranian students stormed the embassy in Tehran on Tuesday, bringing down the Union Jack flag, burning an embassy vehicle and throwing documents from windows in scenes reminiscent of the 1979 attack on the U.S. embassy there.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Surprisingly Healthy Fruits: Guava

Eat just one cup of this South American fruit, and you're getting 5 times as much vitamin C as a medium orange (377 mg versus 83 mg). Like other red fruits, including tomatoes and watermelon, guava contains lycopene, which may help prevent heart disease. And according to research by microbiologists in Bangladesh, guava can even protect against foodborne pathogens such as Listeria and staph.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest released a report in June 2011 comparing the nutritional info of 50 popular fruits. They ranked them based on the percentages of certain nutrients—fiber, vitamin C, potassium, folate, iron, calcium, and antioxidant-packed pigments called carotenoids–in each serving. Guava beat out apples, bananas, and grapes to be the number one fruit.


HP Slate 2 Tablet

The Slate 2 is actually a follow-up to HP's Slate 500, which launched more than a year ago at a price of $US800, running Windows 7 and marketed to businesses and not consumers. The Slate 2, again, isn't a consumer tablet, HP says, noting that it envisions the gadget "for business and vertical markets such as education, healthcare, government and retail, where jobs frequently take users away from a traditional desk." So don't go expecting to see this device showing up in you local electronics retailer.

The new HP tablet for businesses will sell for $US700, and like the Slate 500, the Slate 2 will weigh in at 680 grams, feature an 8.9-inch touchscreen and make use of an optional stylus. On the Slate 2, a software update will enable users to also use an on-screen swipe keyboard, HP said.

The Slate 2 will run on Intel's 1.5-gigahertz Atom Z670 processor, offer up to six hours of battery life and encrypt data on the device's hard drive. A VGA camera is built into the front of the Slate 2 while a 3-megapixel camera is on the back and the tablet has 2 gigabytes of RAM, a hard drive of up to 64 gigabytes and one USB port - the same as the Slate 500's setup.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

iPad 3 anyone?

Leaks from Asian sources have hinted that Apple's iPad 3 will arrive in Spring 2012 - and will have an all-new connector.

That could mean that the tablet is even slimmer than the barely-there iPad 2. It will also mean, though, that a lot of users could have to throw out add-ons such as iPad docks and keyboards.

The leak comes courtesy of tech site CNET, who report that an Asian source says the device will feature a slimmed down version of the current 24-pin connector.

The gadget will have the same size of screen as the current iPad 2 - which seems to run counter to earlier gossip about an iPad Mini designed to compete with the current crop of mid-sized Android devices from Samsung and Dell.


iPhone 4S Users Drained by Battery Bug

Battery life issues with the iPhone 4S, which even Apple's own store staff have struggled to fix, are being investigated by the company. Suspected bugs in iOS5 have caused the battery on the new iPhone model to drain rapidly for some users – and frustrated customers have been flooding online forums. A thread on the issues on Apple's own forums has had almost 2200 replies and over 140,000 views

One Australian Apple store employee and app developer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said while doing nothing with the phone his battery life was dropping 10 per cent an hour even with non important location settings, Siri, Bluetooth and other features switched off.

With normal use he dropped 19 per cent in 50 minutes and sometimes the battery dropped away at an even faster rate than that.


The Man Has 39 Wives, 94 Children and Lives in A 100-room House

Meet the world’s largest family. If you’ve ever worried about having enough room for a growing brood, spare a thought for Ziona Chana. He has 39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughters-in-law and 33 grandchildren living under the same roof. Home is a 100-room, four-storey house set in the hills of the village of Baktawng in the Indian state of Mizoram. Even then, some of his wives sleep top-to-tail in communal dormitories.

But Ziona doesn’t appear fazed by the size of his apparently happy family - and doesn’t claim any benefits for their upkeep. ‘I feel like God’s special child. He’s given me so many people to look after,’ he said. ‘I consider myself a lucky man to be the husband of 39 women and head of the world’s largest family.’ The family is organised with almost military discipline, with the oldest wife Zathiangi, 69, drawing up schedules for her fellow partners to take turns performing household chores such as cleaning, washing and preparing meals.

One evening meal can see them pluck 30 chickens, peel 132lb of potatoes and boil up to 220lb of rice. The compound has its own school, a playground, carpentry workshops, piggery and poultry farms and a vegetable garden big enough to supply the whole family. Conveniently, Ziona is also head of a sect that allows members to take as many wives as he wants. He even married ten women in one year, when he was at his most prolific, and enjoys his own double bed while his wives have to make do with sharing.